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Duncan Stonebridge
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Ying and Yang

Chinese Philosophy |Yin and Yang|The Bagua (8 Trigrams)|Wu Xing (5 Moments)

The theory of Yin and Yang reflects the fundamental dichotomy of the universe, but not to be confused with western notions of good and evil. These forces are equal and opposite and co-exist ideally in perfect balance, as represented by the Yin Yang circle symbol, each flowing into one another in a continuous cycle and containing a dot of each within the other. The Yin and Yang separated at creation, the eastern big bang, the dark, cool, heavy Yin sinking, whilst light, hot, white Yang rose. All things in the universe have a Yin and Yang aspects. One may predominate over the other but can not exist with out it. A mountain will have a side lit by the sun - the yang side, and therefore must have one side in shadow - the Yin side. The Ying Yang symbol also referred to as the Tai Chi symbol represents the cosmos, showing the dichotomy of nature and cycles of change, with for example the yang of summer waning with the coming of autumn followed by the increasing Yin of winter. In the same way that day follows night. Within the human body there is also Yin and Yang, when these do not balance, according to traditional Chinese's Medicine, there is illness. Next >>



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